Fabrik 3.4 released

Yeah! Fabrik 3.4 is now available for download. This point release contains several new features that we're really excited about.

As always a great big shout out to one and all that contributed to the project during this release: skurvish, troester, ?Bauer, Sophist, majeed21, Jean-Fran?ois Questiaux, yuriyua, Jaanus Nurmoja, felixkat, pascal26, plus all the translators and people who took the time to help others on the forum.


Fabrik 3.3.4 Released!

The Fabrikar team is pleased to announce the release of Fabrik 3.3.4 for Joomla!?Download Fabrik 3.3.4

Under the hood we have started to implement dependency injection into our models, and plugin code, this is part of our continued work on modernising Fabrik's code base.

There's been a couple of small but useful changes in the admin pages, now when you create a list or element and type in its label a corresponding table or element name value is automatically inserted for you. This really does decrease the time it takes to build your Fabrik application.

We've had some great conversations with users over SEO the results of which means that all list, form and details views now produce canonical links in the document's head. These links define the source URL for the content, and are used by Google to avoid duplicate content issues, an important step in increasing your page rankings! Along side this we have also updated our sef404 code to work with the latest version of Joomla, this gives you greater control over how your SEF links are created.

Finally we've added more JLayout overrides, details of those changes are listed further down the page. You can read more about how to use JLayouts in Fabrik on our JLayout wiki page. The main use case for JLayouts is when you want to use a Bootstrap 3 template, the Fabrik team maintains a separate Fabrik Bootstrap 3 JLayout project which we recommend you install alongside your Bootstrap 3 Joomla template.

Download Fabrik 3.3.4


Fabrik 3.3.3 released

?Fabrik 3.3.3 is now available for download.

This is a security release and we strongly recommend that you upgrade. The security fix resolves an potential information disclosure issue which affects all previous versions of Fabrik for Joomla 3.

We've improved the usage of the chosen dropdown rendering within Fabrik, so that it will work for dropdowns within repeat groups. To activate this option you need to go to Fabrik's global configuration, Forms section, and select 'Per element' for the ?"Advanced Format (WIP) " option. Then for each element you wish to be rendered as a chosen dropdown turn on its 'Advanced Format (WIP)' option.

Behind the scenes we've moved over from our old ant build script to using Grunt.js. This is simply a lot easier for us to manage and set up. It also makes the repository a lot lighter as we have been able to remove several libraries from the fabrik_build folder which were taking up a lot of space.

One major change is our move over to using JLayouts is almost complete, most plugins and core code are now rendering output via JLayouts. This allows you fine grained control over how almost every part of Fabrik is rendered. To find out more about it please read the Fabrik JLayouts wiki page.

We'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to this release including?troester, bauer-git, Simone Bussoni, Hugh Messenger, paulv888 & Jaanus Nurmoja.?



2015 Roadmap

Today I'd like to share with you our plans for the next couple of releases of Fabrik.


  • To fix a couple of backwards compatibility issues with Joomla 2.5 that crept in with the last build.


  • Move over all our element rendering to use JLayouts.
  • Removing support for?Joomla 2.5 - Joomla stopped support for Joomla 2.5 at the end of December 2014. We have limited resources, and would prefer to spend those on moving Fabrik forward.


  • Change meta data storage model - currently we store information about your lists, forms, groups, elements etc in 'meta' database tables, for example all the lists are stored in the table #__fabrik_lists. ?However, there are several disadvantages with this solution:
  1. First of all it means that on every Fabrik page view we need to query the db several times to get the information required to build a page. This is not optimal for a fast loading page.
  2. Migrating a site from a development server to a live server is difficult as you have to remember to copy over both the site's files and a subset of the development site's database tables.
  3. Version control is not really possible. Once you have edited and saved an element there is no way to "undo" those changes. There's also no clear way to say "this is version 1 of my application".?
  4. Packages never really worked. Once you install a package the element ids are no longer the same as on the initial site this makes the code significantly more difficult as we are constantly trying to work out which item to load for which package. We have various hacks that attempt to work around this but the results have never been optimal.

What we are proposing to do is to migrate the data in those meta tables into JSON files. There will be one JSON file per view. This file will describe how the form, list, elements and validations should behave. We will also have separate JSON files to describe the database table structures. With this in place we can address the current disadvantages:

  1. Load times - we can now just read in one file and build a view from that single file
  2. Migration - You will no longer need to copy over database tables, all you would need to do to update a live server would be to copy over the JSON files.
  3. Version control - As the application is defined with files, you can use git to tag versions of your application and to revert changes easily.
  4. Packages should be a lot easier for us to implement, we would specify which JSON files are part of the package. These could be installable via a zip and would no longer create all the conflicts?


Obviously it is always very hard to meet deadlines, but we think that the release schedule will be as follows:

3.3.2 - March 2015

3.4 - May 2015

3.5 - August 2015


Fabrik The Joomla Application builder - version 3.3 released

We're very happy announce the release of Fabrik 3.3. Our Joomla! application builder is now fully compatible with Joomla 3.4. This is a security update which we recommend you update to.

As usual its extremely gratifying to see everyone helping out on the code, in the forums and translating. Those people who have committed code to the project during this release include: gobezu,?Jaanus Nurmoja, BodgeIT, Ajyama, Sophist, Robert H?gberg, Bauer, Troester, Hugh Messenger, Rob Clayburn.

You can download Fabrik 3.3 here.


Fabrik is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla! Project or Open Source Matters. The Joomla! logo is used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.