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J!Date element

Dec 18, 2018
J!Date element
  • This is based on Joomla date picker element introduced since J! 3.7.
    • selection of year and month, grouped on 1 single line or separated on 2 independent lines (singleheader parameter)
    • precision of the limits of the years min and max (parameters minyear and maxyear)
    • display or not of the week numbers (parameter weeknumbers)
    • activation of the selection of hours and minutes (showtime parameter)
    • format of the hours on 12h (AM / PM) or 24h (timeformat parameter)
    • gray but selectable display of the days of the previous and following months (in the grid of the current month) (filltable parameter)
    • display the Today button to select today's date (todaybutton parameter)
    Please note:
    you cannot have a mix of date element types on your form. If you use the new jdate, and you have an original "date_time" element on your form, you'll need to either change it to jdate, or get rid of it. The Casacade Element also stops working.

    This is because the two both override the same function in the built in Javascript Date class.


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