1. Fabrik 3.9 has been released. If you have updated Joomla to 3.9, this is a required update.
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Jun 22, 2020
Aug 11, 2007
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Feb 27, 1963 (Age: 57)
Huntsville, AL
Whatever pays the bills.

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Support Gopher, 57, from Huntsville, AL

Staff Member
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Jun 22, 2020
    1. cryptlan
      Hello, did you resolve the problem of my last Thread?
      Please help

      Best Regards,
    2. javier94
      Hi Hugh, On the last post you say the best way to understand what I try to do with fabrik were to have an Skype session. When it is possible to have this session?
    3. louis037
    4. winsome.davis@gmail.com
      Hi. I really need some help. Installed a new version of joomla 3.8, then I installed a new version of fabrik 3.7 but I really wanted to keep my data from a previous install of 1.5 so i copied the fabrik tables from the old db to the new db. All is well except when I try to add javascript the event doesnt load when i select it from the drop down and then it doesnt save the predefined options I selected. HELP!!
    5. railer
      Hi Hugh, can you please activate my new Pro subsciption? I need to post to the Pro forum asap. Need advice for structuring a new project. Thks!
      1. railer
        Still waiting on the resolution of this problem.
        Oct 10, 2017
    6. ephy
      Dear cheesegrits,
      I'm wondering to know if this is possible to integrate elasticsearch as database connector, and jquery datatables in replacement of the traditionnal tables use in Fabrik. What do you think about it ?
      Thanks a lot,

    7. bggann
      Hugh, FYI - just kicked off a 1 year subscription to pro support. - Bob
    8. shaq
      First of all, you will excuse me to interrupt you and you will excuse my english as french is my first language. I developped a web site with joomla with online app (fabrik 3.5.1).The web app I set up need an improvement. So I decided to request your help to make improvment happen. Am ready to pay whatever it takes because my job is on the line.
    9. sohopros
    10. amittripathi2k2
      I have a site with fabrik. In this is a FIR form which has file upload element. With this form Now the FIR List has 38k entry and is 150gb on remote server. I am told to move to VPS but that has limitation of 40gb only. I need support in setting up Amazon s3 account which can replace all uploaded files with amazon s3 link.

      Please will let me know if this can be done and how much will this support cost?
    11. redant
      Hi Hugh

      Do you offer hourly support without a subscription at all? I have come up against a project deadline and am struggling with a Google maps issue which I need some assistance with.

      If so please could you let me know how to get the requirements to you so that you can give me a cost estimate.

      Many thanks


    12. unicar
      We would like to create a subscription system, like the one you have on you website, in order to charge the different plans. how can i start this application.

      Thank you for your support,

      Best Regards,

      Juan Torres
    13. MeAppBuilder
    14. automan25
    15. negro7_77
      buenas tardes , tengo un problema con el plugin de fabrik para cb 2.0, en la inatalcion me muestra error por eso no me muestra las tablas y menos por usuario me sale error 0, ?que hago ? gracias
    16. brucemm
      Hi, can't pay for subscription because my account activated:
      Login error! You have not activated your account.
      But somehow I can log into forum and write post...any suggestion how to buy it?
      I didn't get any confirmation mail from fabrik forum.
    17. matt.king
      I'm looking to hire a developer to recreate a Logos Query Manager (also called LFRM Query Manager) job in Fabrik on Joomla 3.5. Are you interested and available? If so, I can send more info and link to a copy of the site. If not, can you recommend someone?
    18. ginniss
      why my site fabrik list load very slow
    19. esskay
    20. R.IN.G.O Lavoro Over 40
      R.IN.G.O Lavoro Over 40
      Hi, cheesegrits.

      I am F.schettino.
      Starting from some minutes, we have a standard subscription as R.IN.G.O Lavoro Over 40, the work-group involved in developing the new site.

      Starting from now, I/we would post in the appropriate section of the forum.
      But now I cannot; is it too early?
      1. cheesegrits
        I've checked the settings on our end, you should be able to post in Standard. Try logging out and back in.
        Mar 24, 2015
      2. R.IN.G.O Lavoro Over 40
        R.IN.G.O Lavoro Over 40
        OK, now I can post.
        Thank you, cheesegrits.
        Mar 25, 2015
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    Feb 27, 1963 (Age: 57)
    Huntsville, AL
    Whatever pays the bills.
    Big, fat, hairy Brit.

    Music, reading, coding.


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