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404 after Update from F3.9.2 to 3.10


Joomla! Agency
I have tested aan update on a very simple project but we get A 404 page (Joomla 3 last version) on fabrikar pages (list, forms...).
I think I have see somewhere a long time ago a doc about this specific update.

Thanks for your help
"Migration" was from Fabrik3.0.9 to Fabrik3.1.

How did you update?
The lastes Fabrik3.9 release was 3.9.2 in June 2020 and update to Fabrik 3.10 (Aug 2021) was working via Joomla-Updater, nothing special.

You may run into issues with Fabrik3.10 if you have php8+.
  • You should do a Fabrik3 GitHub update
  • If you have SEF enabled turn it off
  • Check folder access settings
Thanks for your help.
We are in php 7.4 env, updated from 3.9.2 to 3.10 with Joomla update (nothing special ^^)
And then all url blew up.
One thing : with sef turno off with have no error.
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If it's working with SEF off it doesn't seem to be a general Fabrik isssue.

Check your SEF settings, .htaccess file etc.