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error 500 - Column 'id' in field list is ambiguous

Discussion in 'Standard Support' started by SoilentRed, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. SoilentRed

    SoilentRed Caaan do!

    Level: Community
    I'm trying to make this app for victims of Harvey to express a need and site users commits to fulfill that need. I have two list, needs and fulfillments. then I'll have another list that combines the two to show which request have been fulfilled and which have not that can still be.

    I'm still in testing and debugging mode - working on the back end of joomla. I'm working on wamp. I've enabled debugging in fabrik and appended &fabrikdebug=1 to the end of my url, but it doesn't report anything. This is the full error I receive after enabling debug system in system setting and development for error reporting.

    An error has occurred.
    500 Fabrik has generated an incorrect query for the list Harvey Relief Fulfillment: <br /><br /><pre>Column 'id' in field list is ambiguous</pre>

    Call stack
    Function Location
    1 () JROOT\components\com_fabrik\models\list.php:930
    2 FabrikFEModelList->getData() JROOT\components\com_fabrik\models\list.php:700
    3 FabrikFEModelList->render() JROOT\components\com_fabrik\views\list\view.base.php:405
    4 FabrikViewListBase->display() JROOT\components\com_fabrik\views\list\view.html.php:41
    5 FabrikViewList->display() JROOT\libraries\joomla\cache\controller\view.php:98
    6 JCacheControllerView->get() JROOT\administrator\components\com_fabrik\controllers\list.php:153
    7 FabrikAdminControllerList->view() JROOT\libraries\legacy\controller\legacy.php:709
    8 JControllerLegacy->execute() JROOT\administrator\components\com_fabrik\fabrik.php:86
    9 require_once() JROOT\libraries\cms\component\helper.php:389
    10 JComponentHelper::executeComponent() JROOT\libraries\cms\component\helper.php:364
    11 JComponentHelper::renderComponent() JROOT\libraries\cms\application\administrator.php:98
    12 JApplicationAdministrator->dispatch() JROOT\libraries\cms\application\administrator.php:156
    13 JApplicationAdministrator->doExecute() JROOT\libraries\cms\application\cms.php:265
    14 JApplicationCms->execute() JROOT\administrator\index.php:51

    What are your thoughts here? As always, I value your input and am eternally grateful.

    Hope you are well!
  2. troester

    troester Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Level: Community
    are you using dbjoin elements with concat label or data where and addressing an id element in your query?
    Use {thistable}.id (Fabrik will replace it with the correct table alias)

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  3. nrsmoll

    nrsmoll Member

    Level: Community
    I also got this problem, and the debug code wasn't intuitive. The answer from Troester fixed it.

    For me I had a cascading dropdown element:
    Code (Text):
    issue, ' ', pain_code
    The code that worked was:
    Code (Text):
    {thistable}.issue, ' ', {thistable}.pain_code
    Hope this helps others.
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