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Fixed List custom Edit Icon ignored


Fabrik 3.10, j!3.10.12 converted to Fabrik 4.0 official release, J!4.4.2
Fabrik fabrikar-fabrik-e6d9a07b9143 (2024-05-09) git kit update
SEF & URL rewrite on

Setting List -> Details -> Links -> Edit Icon = <any valid image> is ignored.

I have found that if I modify components\com_fabrik\models\list.php near line 1576:

                    $displayData->list_edit_link_icon = $params->get('list_edit_link_icon', 'edit');
                   //++ thm 2024-06-27 - handle alternate images
                    if ($displayData->list_edit_link_icon !== 'edit') {
                        $displayData->list_edit_link_icon = FabrikHelperHTML::image($displayData->list_edit_link_icon, 'list', '', array('alt' => $editLabel));
                    } else {
                        $displayData->list_edit_link_icon = '<span class="fa fa-edit"></span>';
                    //-- thm 2024-06-27 - handle alternate images
                    $layout = $this->getLayout('listactions.fabrik-edit-button');

...and modify components\com_fabrik\layouts\listactions\fabrik-edit-button.php near line 25:

    title="<?php echo $d->editLabel;?>">
    <?php echo $d->list_edit_link_icon; ?> 
    <?php echo $d->editText; ?></a>

...correctly displays the custom icon. Something similar needs to happen with the details and delete buttons.
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