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Menu Filter does not show information inmediately



Looking for some guidance on a strange issue:

I have 2 lists:
- List A is personal information of a user List B is the activity of the user.
- Via some calc i retrieve some information to list A from list B.
- I have a pre-filter on a menu item that filters based on said information
- When i create a new record (first on list A, then on list B I look for that record and add the additional info)
- When i go to said menu item the information is not there (other older records are there so the filter works)

Now i have created an admin menu with no filters and the record is shown there. I can conclude that the problem is the pre-filter, but if i go to the admin menu enter to the new record, save it again, it right away shows up on the pre-filter menu. I believed it could be some caching issue disabled caching on joomla and disabled list caching on advanced options but the problem persists.
I have also tried disabled caching via htaccess.

Any ideas on what the problem might be?
Thanks in advance.
Is the list set to "Ajaxfied"?
I've seen such issues with ajaxfied list only showing changed records after switching to an other menu and back (just reloading the site didn't help).
I also think it's some caching issue in this case but never found where.