1. Fabrik 3.9 has been released. If you have updated Joomla to 3.9, this is a required update.
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Menu items

May 15, 2020
Menu items
    • how to create menu items

    Menu -> select menu -> add item

    Menu item type -> select






    Create a Form Menu Item(top)

    • Fabrik Form - select the form you wish to show
    • Row id - The table row to show in the form - if the view is set to view form.
      Set to -1 to replace with the user's id
      Set to -2 to load the last inserted record
    • Key name - Column name to use with Row id, leave blank to use primary key (only set this if you know what you are doing!).
      If row id set to -1 then set this column to the name of the form's user id element to prepopulate forms with the users record
    • Show random records - Setting this to yes will randomly display a record. Note pre-filters are still applied
    • Extra Query String - Optionally specify additional query string to be used for this menu item, like
      &mytable___foo=123&mytable___bar=456, for instance to preset form variables. This string will be url endcoded for you.


    • Fabrik List - select the list you wish to show

    • Reload calculations - when the link is clicked, should Fabrik reload the list calculations (yes) or use the cached calculations (no)
    • Template - which list template to use. Will override the list's template option. If -Use Default - selected then will use the list's template.
    • Reset filters
      • Yes - will remove any user selected filters from the list (prefilters are still applied)
      • No - will use any filters previously selected by the user
    • Show in list - opens a modal window where you can state which elements to show in the list. If used, this overrides the element's own 'show in list option'
    • Pre-filters - opens a modal window where you can assign prefilters. There prefilters override any prefilter defined in the list
    • Rows per page - set the default number of records to show per page.




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