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Nvd3 Chart visualization

Apr 16, 2016
Nvd3 Chart visualization
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    The nvd3 chart is a horizontal or vertical bar chart.

    Say we have a Fabrik list with the following data, and we want to create a chart which shows the number of children in each state by age range. The field names are state, under5 and five_ten.


    Add a new visualization and select 'nv3d_chart' as the visualization.

    You then want to select the following options:


    and you will end up with a chart which looks like this:

    To swap over the state and ages, to obtain the following chart, set 'Label axis values' to 'Split column':


    To swap the axis so that the values are on the Y axis change the chart from 'multi bar chart - horizontal' to 'multi bar chart'.

    Also set the margin's property to something like '20,20,100,20' to give the x axis labels more space under the chart (otherwise they are truncated)

    The new chart will look like this:

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