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Upload files to another server folder

Discussion in 'Community' started by jo-ka, Jun 15, 2021.

  1. jo-ka

    jo-ka Member

    Level: Community
    I know this might be strange but...

    I'm develloping a project, which will be used internally only, not published to the web. In this project, I have a main file server (linux server) and the webserver where Joomla and Fabrik are hosted.

    I will need to use the fileupload plugin (or other method), in order to display files on Fabrik, but store it on the file server, so other users can access it from standard file shares on Windows machines.

    I know I can mount the remote folder on the webserver, and from there use that folder as the Upload Directory on the plugin, BUT...

    This is kind of a security issue. IF, for some reason, one day the server is to be published to the internet, this will bring problems, for sure.

    Does any of forum can think on an alternative way? Something like open an SSH connection each time the file must be uploaded, and have a read only mount to display the file in Fabrik?
  2. henk

    henk Member

    Level: Community
    You may use SFTP to upload a file and set specific permissions for the upload folder.

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