Fabrik 4.0 Official is here

As of today, February 1, 2024, your Fabrik development team is please to announce the release of our first official Fabrik V4.0. It has been a long time coming with many milestones along the way. We have to thank Henk van Klinken for his tenacity and determination to get Fabrik working on Joomla 4. His leadership brought along myself, achartier/Alex, and troester/Beate to finish it up. It is unfortunate Henk is no longer with us to see his baby born.

Henk also did a lot of work rewriting the Fabrik core to implement the newer J4 & J5 interfaces. That work will hopefully continue.

In the mean time, head on over to our download section and get yourself a fresh copy of Fabrik.

One thing that has now been reinstated is the J! updater, so as we make newer releases you will see them available in the extensions update section of your administration.