Fabrik 4.0 Github Access

We are please to announce the return of the Fabrik source to public git access. We have created a public copy of Fabrik that has been stripped of all the bits and pieces we are not supporting at this time, along with the various build directories and unnecessary libraries.

You can access this repository at https://bitbucket.org/fabrikar/fabrik/src/master/

This repository is updated several times a week with any new relevant commits made to our full repo, so it should always be current within 3 days.

You can update your site from this repo. Instructions will be forthcoming in the Updating from github section of our wiki.

At this time we do not know whether pull requests to this repo will work or not. The commit tree is rebuilt each night so the commit hashes are going to change. Not sure what that will do to a PR. Maybe someone wants to give it a try and see.

We hope you find this useful.